"Discover your true nature, your true being
and feel the timeless truth in your heart."

(soulsmile mb)

I'm happy that you are here!

Here you can find out how you can change yourself and your life positively.

How would it be ...

to be the person you really are without fear of rejection and criticism? To be independent of the recognition of others, not having to bend yourself just to be "loved"? Not to be perfect and find this great?

Imagine ...

to do what your heart desires. But you don't have the courage to do it because of the "others" or because "others" don't believe in you? How would it be to free yourself from these fears to become a celebrant yourself? Finally be good enough the way you are?

Just assumed ...

you would no longer have to perform role-play, you would no longer have to deny your inner feelings. You no longer have to fight for love and understanding. There would be someone who listens to you without judging?

Are you ready ...

to become active for a profound change? To reduce the burden on you or even bring you into the healing process? to redesign your very own decision-making space? To take a deep breath and let lightness into your life?

Don't let ist happen again that ...

the painful experiences from your past in  determine your life in a negative form. Your boundaries are being disregarded. someone or something takes away the true joy of life. Your heart remains closed, ... .

Your thoughts control your genes.

Your mind controls the release of messenger substances, which affects your cells and genes. Change your mindset and become the maker of your inner world and your health. Let the voice of your heart affect your inner environment. Allow your true being to show itself and make your heart's desires real!

Do you have the courage to go new ways?

Hello, my name is Maria, and I support people on their individual way to a better physical and mental health. I will show you different ways to deepen the ability of self-knowledge and to expand your consciousness. The conscious perception, exploration of one's own history and a better understanding of one's own self, encourage you to find the way to your own inner strength.

To understand why you are not making progress at this point in your life, it's helpful to look at the situation from a different perspective and to question what has happened so far. Clarify old patterns, break through them and discover new ways. It's important that you get back a space of decision making in which you regain your autonomy, so that this time you can consciously make new decisions for yourself and your life.

How I can help you,  you can find out here on my website. Have a lot of fun while reading. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me by mail!

Grow out of the trauma!

The topics from pregnancy and birth are particularly close to my heart. It is not only about expectant mothers and  fathers. Above all, it's also about the children who grow up and are born. This time needs special attention and connection between the child and its parents. This child from that period of time is still in you, with all its experience from that early time. This also means, that you as an adult have the imprint and the effects of this time still in you.

In the prenatal and perinatal experience you have the opportunity to discover your history that happened to you before you were born, and to gain understanding and clarity about your adult life through this information.
What happened at that time? Which imprints and patterns have emerged from it? Do you actually live a self-determined life, or do you sometimes feel like you are putting your energy into things that you don't really want to do? Do you find yourself in situations that you didn't want to do and find it hard to get out of them?
Be brave and explore your inner space!

Fields of activity

 Body & Mind Awareness

""When mindfulness touches something beautiful, it reveals its beauty. When it touches something painful, it transforms and heals it."                        (Thich Nhat Hanh)
If there is one thing we all have in common, it's the desire to be happy and content in life. Experience the positive effect of a calm mind ...

Retreat &  emotional Detox

In our centre "Vez da Vida - Espaço de Cura & Desenvolvimento do Ser" in southern Brazil, you have the opportunity to take a break from everyday life. Draw strength from the direct contact with nature and get closer to the true essence of being. You can simply relax there, or go into deeper processes, on which we will be happy to accompany you.