Therapist & Pathfinder for ...

  • Body-oriented psychotherapy
  • Pre- and perintal trauma therapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Meditation & body mindfulness
  • Self-awareness & development of being
  • Emotional & physical detox

As an air element, travelling and discovering other cultures and ways of life was part of my life from a very early age. After a few years, I realised that it was actually the search for myself that had expressed itself in travelling. I still remember very well the words from a monk who said to me: "You can stop travelling. You don't need it any more. Everything you seek, you have within you." At first I didn't quite understand what he meant. Travelling to foreign countries, discovering wonderful places, getting to know people with different ways of thinking and living is something wonderful. It was only a few years later that I felt the true meaning and recognised the deeper meaning of these sentences to me. And so the outer journey became an inner journey and I realised that I had already begun to tread the inner path without really being aware of it. With this new realisation came amazement and humility towards creation. Professionally, as well, the desire for a holistic understanding of the systems and functions of our organism was current. The question of the origins of "problems" was always present. What is the cause behind the cause? So it was not far-fetched that I moved from therapy with adults to child therapy. I followed the timeline of human life further and further into the past beyond the period of pregnancy.

Influenced by my own health and life history, the search and understanding of what health is continued together with my husband. On this journey I was able to learn from very good teachers, not only on the professional path, but also for my personal development. The diversity of these teachers and companions showed me different perspectives on what life and health mean.

This experience made me realise that there is no "the one therapy". Where does the person stand right now and what does she or he need at this moment? There are different approaches to therapy, and if you seriously set out on the path, then no matter where you start, you will always come to the one point: the origin of your own story.

Training & Competence Areas

Field of Psychotherapy

  • Seminar with Karlton Terry
  • Pre- and perinatal body therpy & psycho- and trauma therapy (according to Franz Renggli)
  • Psychokinesiology
  • Genogram work

Fied of Medicin

  • Osteopathy (Holistéa formerly COE)
  • Paediatric osteopathy (OZK Vienna)
  • Naturopath
  • Causal and environmental medicine with Dr. med. Joachim Mutter
  • Kinesiology according to Dr. med. D. Klinghardt
  • Influence of nutrition on health - nutritional medicine and concepts with orthomolecular medicine
  • Physiotherapy (with various specialised further training courses)
  • Seminar Instructor & Coach

  • Docent with teaching experience in various osteopathic fields.
  • Supervision and support of students in the teaching clinic.
  • Supervision and training of trainee lecturers in osteopathy.
  • Postgraduate courses in paediatric osteopathy.
  • Workshops

Self-awareness & work on consciousness

One of my most important life-changing experiences was experiencing and learning Vipassana meditation. My first contact with Vipassana was in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand, where I retired for my personal retreat to find inner peace. Here, with the help of Vipassana meditation, I found access to my body sensations and much more. An exciting journey began ...
Since then, Vipassana and silent retreats have been important parts of my personal path.

Through the exploration of my own history, among other things with the help of shamans in Peru, many things suddenly became very clear to me. Approaching my wounded inner child was not easy. It involved work and pain. But it is a path that is unavoidable if one is searching for the truth.

Another special experience was the dark retreat. With the concrete decision for darkness, alone for 10 days, I was able to dive into the depths of my inner self once again and give the subconscious a space to open up. To meet myself, to look at the light and dark sides, to be amazed and to understand on a level for which there are no words.

"Paradise is the place where you perform your function and enjoy doing your job."(Ernst Götsch)

Time for change. There is no better time than now!

The dream of a place ...

... where people feel well and find their true being.

It should be a place away from the crowds, in nature, where you can reconnect with it. A place where you can give up what is weighing you down to create a blank canvas for the image you want for yourself. On this canvas, everything is possible.
Only when, after an intensive search, we let go of everything without knowing what was to come, could we see the path that lay ahead of us. This path led to the south of Brazil
"Vez da Vida", meaning "Now is the time to live", is a place for those who seek self-knowledge, want to expand their consciousness and (re)design their lives in a more authentic and meaningful way. To understand and feel the connections between humans and nature. Here you can take time out from everyday life and your environment.