Beyond right and wrong there is a place.      Here we can meet.

"Working on yourself is what you can give to the world".

                             How I support you in this.

The first step

In a first free online conversation we get to know each other and you tell me what you want, what you feel moved by. I answer your questions and explain in more detail how I work.

Where are you stuck right now?

Together we look at where you are at the moment. Are there behavioural patterns that repeat themselves in your life? What about your comfort zone? Where are you stuck? What expectations do you have? Do you have physical symptoms that no one can explain to you?

Identify what is behind it.

When you see through the mechanisms and what exactly is behind the things that block you, rob you of energy, do not allow your emotional (old) wounds to heal, cause physical symptoms, prevent you from following your inner heart voice, ..., then it becomes easier to dissolve them piece by piece, to integrate new, healthy emotions and behaviours.

Face yourself by feeling your body again.

Our body is a point of reference for our physical, emotional and mental state. We can access the subconscious through it. By experiencing and becoming aware of our own bodily sensations, we can find a way to better recognise and understand our own issues.

               - Your body knows the truth -

This path is especially ...

for people who have the willingness and courage to look at their own personal issues. Only through realisation and awareness can one's own patterns be transformed and dissolved. Only then can the seeds of new and healing impulses fall on fertile ground and allow something wonderful to emerge.

Are you ready to make a decisive change in your life?

That's great!
But you don't have a concrete idea how?
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Experience the healing power of emotional support!