Some people feel a bit insecure when they think about an online session or online coaching. It is a different way of doing things.
An online session can be very different. If you have actually experienced a session done online, you will understand that many things you thought were a problem can actually work incredibly well.

What is possible with an online session?

  • Individual talks
  • Feel your body and feel your feeling
  • guided body journeys
  • genogram work
  • ...

Balance for online individual sessions

Individual session or online packages
A short initial consultation is free of charge.

1x session online 80,00 €/TU* -

3x sessions 225,00 €                                                                                                    5x sessions 350,00 €.                                                                                                 *(TU = time unit for each session 60 minutes.)

The current COVID-19 situation has changed many areas of our lives, including the economic part. In order that the support for personal development and the unblocking of blocking issues can continue, and also be accessible in these times for those who cannot afford it at the moment, and for those with generally low incomes, there is a special price. You can find out more about this by writing to me.

If you would like more information or would like to arrange a pre-meeting with me, please contact me.

What do you need for an online session?

  • A private, quiet room where you feel comfortable and can relax.
  • A computer with a camera and a good internet connection, if possible by cable.
  • Phones, mobile phones, doorbells and other possible sources of noise should be turned off.
Depending on how we work and what the topic is, you may need a comfortable place to lie down. Make sure you can hear the sound well from this place. If you can also see the screen, that would be great.
The one-to-one sessions are held via online meeting software. The most popular ones at the moment are Skype or Zoom. Since both are criticised for data security, I like to choose Jitsi or jump chat. For both you don't need an account, just a link from me.