Consumption and sustainability in the Christmas season


Can the two go together?
Here are a few tips and thoughts on this:


Support local crafts. If you don't have the talent, patience or time to make something yourself, there is enough craftsmanship to commission something. For example with a goldsmith, carpenter, a work of art in metal, etc.
Maybe one of your presentees would like to take a course in this direction himself.

But it can also be >Time<. Spending time with a loved one who has been neglected in the past. Spending a day together or a weekend, a nice homemade menu, cooking together, visiting an exhibition, an excursion, a common course, etc.
Homemade culinary delicacies such as jam, chocolates, a very special pesto, sweets for the soul, ...

Sustainable gift packaging

In my memory of Christmas from childhood there are mountains of wrapping paper and plastic ribbons. What alternatives are there?
- different fabrics, kitchen towels
- Old paper food bags
- Recycled paper, newsprint
- Recyclable cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, jars with closure, ...
- Baskets
- Waste paper self-painted
- Cotton bags (easy to make yourself).
- Decorative bows & Co made of paper, strips of fabric (-residues), sisal, hemp, jute, parcel tape, ...
- Further decoration: real plants (fir twigs, holly, leaves, ...), vintage jewellery, wooden sticks, buttons, wooden clothes pegs (also great for painting), a card written on recycled paper or cardboard, and sayings on the wrapping paper make the gift interesting also from the outside.

The Christmas tree

There are trees from nature-compatible forestry with the seal for responsible forestry.
Or maybe no Christmas tree after all? On average, the Christmas tree is in your living room for 14 days or less. Then it's disposed of. Instead, you can use a Christmas table, a Christmas corner nicely decorated with branches, leaves, candles, Christmas lanterns, biscuit plates and much more. . There is sure to be more in your Christmas box.
How about a tree alternative made of metal or wood? Metal - sounds cold at first, but you can decorate the metal structure wonderfully and use it every year. Outside the Christmas season, it will certainly find a nice place in the garden or balcony in winter, with suitable decoration.
Or something homemade from wood (from the forest) in the shape of an A and cross bracing for decoration.

Christmas tree decorations

How about Christmas decorations made of straw, paper, wood, other natural materials?

The culinary delight.

Organic - regional - fair
Regional food from sustainable cultivation.
Weekly markets, organic food shop, the farm shop or farmer in the district. There are several possibilities to get sustainable products from regional cultivation.
It doesn't have to be the flying mango, but many people can't do without coffee. Here it makes sense to pay attention to fair trade.

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