Why self-awareness and self-knowledge is important for personal development.


In the course of your life you will be confronted with different situations. Circumstances that require you to take on a different role, adjustments, events that may push you to your limits. Situations that would call you to leave your comfort zone. There is pressure and tension. To be able to cope with all this well, a good inner centering is necessary. The better you know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, know how to deal with them and use them correctly, the better you are prepared for your different stages of life.

But how do you achieve this inner stability and cultivate it?

Discovering yourself, unmasked with all sides and with the awareness that there is nothing inferior about you.
By getting to know yourself and your own history better and by beginning to understand what made you the person you are right now and/or what brought you exactly into this life situation, the first change already happens. The honest look can be very healing. The understanding leads you into a new space of making decisions. You can decide for yourself if you want to get rid of your old patterns. Letting go of what is preventing you from living your full potential. When you have a new clarity for yourself, it will be easier for you to assert yourself as the person you really are. Your position and viewpoints, which develop through your attitude, opinion and above all your feeling, will be much more consolidated. Your environment will perceive you more clearly. It will be less energy consuming to express your position.

                                        Personal development is an ongoing process.

Which steps are necessary to reach this state?

  1. The willingness to be open and honest with yourself Those who cannot do this are fooling themselves and will always only scratch the surface.
  2.  A preparedness to look at the less beautiful aspects and characteristics.
  3. The way to self-realisation is to get in touch with your feelings. Your feelings show you what the situation is doing to you and where the approaches to your issues are. They help you to look deeper, to see and understand things from a different perspective.
  4. There are many books and techniques for this. It's effective to find a suitable coach, therapist, etc. for you. Most of the work you have to do by yourself. But if you have someone at your side, this is a good anker and mirror. A suitable guide helps you to interpret and transform things correctly, shows you possibilities for self-reflection and can support you in difficult moments and provide a safe setting.

Questions and doubts can arise, it is good to have someone to talk to.

What does the work on yourself bring you
1. You get to know your real possibilities and abilities
2. strengthening your self-confidence.
3. clarity in your decisions and thus also in the direction in which your life is heading. This does not mean that there cannot be a change of direction on the way. You are starting out in one direction and the experiences you make may lead to new decisions, and there may be a change of course. There is nothing else that is already happening, only that you make your decisions on a different basis. You are creating new decision spaces and empowering yourself to take the next step. Your life decisions will come more from the heart. They will be clearer, without unpleasant compromises.
4. needs change in the course of life. It will be easier for you to recognise them and to align your life accordingly. The most important thing is that it will be independent of other people. Everything you need you have within you.
5. the experience of a new kind of freedom. You attract people who see you as you really are in your uniqueness. You no longer have to slip into other roles to be liked. Be authentic and love yourself as you are, then others will recognise your true value and accept you as you are. Those who want to change you are not ready to look deeper inside themselves. This person wants you to do the work for them. But this is not possible, just as no one can do the work for you.
6. all this leads to you being happier in your life. The list goes on, because the personal development process will have an impact on many areas of your life, such as your health, your various relationships in your life (partnership, family, friends, ...) and much more. Take a new direction in your life and continue your personal list of positive changes.

What do you think about it? What have you done so far for your personal development? Would you like to have more information. Write your opinion. Your email will not be published.